Deck Coating

We specialize in the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear waterproof deck system. Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear is designed for use as a waterproof roof surface on sun decks, play roofs, observation decks, etc., which are subject to normal foot traffic, roof furniture and rubber-tired window washing rigs. It is a multi-layered troweled application.

Dex-O-Tex weatherwear can be applied over plywood or Concrete and can be finished in a variety of patterns and a choice of fourteen colors. The finish can be smooth or knock-down as well as patterned to resemble tile, flagstone or brick.

We are also certified installers of Excellent Coatings Excel-Coat, Pacific Polymers, Elasto-Deck, Mer-Kote Weatherdeck and Hill Brothers Desert-Crete.